There is simply insufficient charm and sweetness to entice you to your particular person. Regardless of whether beauty is a matter of opinion, there are numerous factors that can sway a man’s initial impressions of a woman’s attractiveness.
This can vary, so the dating app Gleeden conducted a survey of 15,000 users in prominent Indian cities to identify the main attributes or factors that impact men’s sensations of extreme fascination toward ladies.

“There are a lot of interesting options for how and why a particular personality type attracts a person of any kind. Even though this may vary from person to person, we were intrigued to learn more about what modern men look for in a woman to attract them. According to Sybil Shiddell, Country Manager for Gleeden, India, “This was a general survey that included men from different walks of life, so the results are quite interesting on how there has been a slight shift in the traits a person gets interested in.”

Women are more attracted to a man’s demeanor, whereas men are naturally more visual-oriented people than women A person’s first impression of a woman is her physical features, which gradually help him understand her personality and method of communication. In the wake of feminism, Numerous men have altered their viewpoints on how to gain a deeper comprehension of women. According to the survey, the top ten qualities that modern A woman attracts men Women are as follows:

Adapting to your style

Men prefer to see women in the simplest clothes because it gives them a first impression of the girl they might be interested in. Whether it’s a sensible sundress, a pretty evening gown with heels, or perhaps an informal outfit, dressing well with makeup and hair leaves a lasting impression. Outfits speak their own language.

Equal treatment

Although some aspects of a man’s natural desire to pamper his partner cannot be completely eradicated, there are still aspects that have changed. In today’s society, equality is everything, as well as things like splitting the cost. between equals on dates and making decisions together as equals in a long-term relationship are definitely big reasons why people like women.

Taking the lead

Can we just be real for a minute, it’s hard for men to remain to start to lead the pack, whether in discussions or choices while you’re together. Having a woman who doesn’t back down from taking the initiative and leading at different levels can be very attractive to a man and make her instantly more attractive to him.

Being cheerful and confident

Being overly confident in who you are and having confidence are the two things that shine the brightest. One thing that no one can look at is witnessing a woman’s self-assurance in her own skin. Remember that a sincere smile can go a long way!

Enjoy their jokes

Accept it: men enjoy making women laugh. They’ll think of a lot of different things that will make a woman smile and show appreciation, which will make him happy.

Passionate Women

Men always look forward to working with women because of their fierce and powerful nature. They place a high value on a woman who exudes excitement and has a strong passion that simultaneously keeps her solid and grounded.

Maintaining eye contact

Being able to look at someone probably ranks among the world’s most intimate experiences. Making eye contact with a man makes him feel weak in the knees, which is the ideal method for beginning a relationship!

You maintain his interest

Men really care about the fun of the chase, so a woman’s ability to keep them interested and excited to learn more about her is important. This is frequently something that almost all men find extremely appealing.

savoring every moment of it

When a woman is always willing to try new things and curious about new things, whether it’s small plans like baking together or big ones like going hiking and trying something new with him, men adore her.

Being a good listener and engaging in thought-provoking conversations

A man’s ability to intellectually converse with a girl is just as important as his ability to evaluate her based on her appearance. Every man’s dream is to find a woman who truly values what he has to say and truly values what he has to say.