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Signs That Your Cat is Bored :

Believe it or not, cats are often bored a bit like us humans, although they don’t make it as obvious. Most adult cats will spend a mean of around 15 hours each day just napping, so it is often pretty tricky to work out if your feline friend goes about their usual routine or is bored out of their mind.

So how are you able to tell the difference? and the way are you able to help? during this post, you’ll examine the 5 signs that indicate your cat is bored, and what you’ll do to assist.


Is your cat bored? – 5 signs of kitty boredom

#1 Messing up the house and picking fights

#2 Eating an excessive amount of or insufficient

#3 Excessive grooming or shedding is quite usual

#4 Not using the litter box

#5 Being lethargic or being loud

How to help your bored cat

Is your cat bored? 5 signs of kitty boredom

First thing first, I would like to clarify that if your cat began to act differently than usual and you’re worried about them, it’s best to first ask the vet. If the kitty is healthy, then it might be that your cat is bored which caused its behavior to vary. Maybe they only need something more in their life to entertain them and keep them occupied.

Keep in mind that, while all of those are signs of boredom, boredom doesn’t necessarily need to be the rationale. a bit like us humans, 100 cats have 100 different personalities so some cats might do the subsequent things because they’re lonely, or they don’t just like the other cat or they need separation anxiety, etc. But boredom is additionally a standard reason for this sort of behavior. So keep it up reading and check if your cat could be bored.


#1 Messing up the house and picking fights

This is one of the foremost notorious cat behaviors out there. you recognize how it goes:

scattering shredded toilet tissue everywhere,

scratching furniture (even if they need a scratch post),

knocking stuff down from shelves,

pouncing on lamps,

chasing other pets around and fighting with them.

Most of the time, this is often just your kitty’s way of showing that they have some stimulating activity – and doubtless some company too.

When you go around cleaning up their mess, the cats see that as spending time together, and in their heads, that creates all the damage worthwhile. tons of cat owners just get angry, without ever realizing that the pet is simply asking their human to offer them some loving attention.

#2 Eating an excessive amount of or insufficient

Just like people, cats sometimes affect boredom by changing their mealtime habits. they could start eating an excessive amount just to possess something to try, or they completely ignore their food, because even that’s way too boring.

You can attempt to prevent this by keeping your kitty’s diet diverse (maybe ask your vet for a recommendation), and ensuring it’s some quiet indoor activity if you don’t have an outside condo for them to steer or play in.

Do keep an eye fixed on how the cat behaves around their food bowl because improper eating can damage your pet’s health.

#3 Excessive grooming or shedding is quite usual

Excessive grooming – one among the 5 signs that your cat is bored

Now, we all know cats wish to keep their glossy coats all lickety-split. However, some cats can become nervous when they’re bored, especially if they’re left alone tons, and this extra stress then makes their hair fall out far more than it always does.

These cats may additionally groom themselves more intensely, even ripping out wisps of their fur, which successively just makes them groom even more.

So, if you notice your pet has started spending much time on its aesthetic, it’d be a symbol that its mood has dropped down into the dumps. an excellent way of handling cats who show this type of behavior is making grooming time how of bonding together with your pet.

Just like people brush and elegance their dogs, an equivalent can work for cats. Well, maybe skip the bath and tail braiding, but spending a touch of time a day on brushing your kitty will provide it caring attention, keep its fur healthy and delightful, and collect a number of that pesky cat hair that keeps flying everywhere the place.

#4 Not using the litter box

If you begin to note that your feline poops or pees around the house, albeit they were usually good at doing their business within the litter box, it’d be your cat’s way of telling you that they’re not getting enough attention when they’re bored. But, it’s important to first rule out any potential medical issue that would cause this behavior. as long as there’s nothing wrong together with your feline healthwise, then you’ll consider boredom being the explanation for this type of behavior.

Your cat may be so stressed from being bored all the time that they develop behavioral issues like not using the kitty toilet.

If your cat suddenly stopped using their litter box, you would possibly want to see my other post about the common reasons for not using the litter box and potential solutions.

#5 Being lethargic or being loud

Cat being lethargic – one among the 5 signs that your cat could be bored

Okay, so cats spend tons of your time napping, and are available on – who wouldn’t, right? Adult cats especially aren’t as energetic as kittens and tend to like better to spend their time trying to find a sunny spot or going for a stroll around the house. That’s why it is often pretty hard to note that something’s wrong, but believe it or not, cats can get depressed!

Even a big-time elderly napper has its hours of awake time, and adult cats wish to play occasionally, too. So, if your furry friend starts being inactive even when it might usually sniff around, it could have had enough of its monotonous routine.

Signs during this case are:

the cat sitting and staring into space for an extended time,

being listless,

or ignoring its food and toys.

Another common behavior in bored cats is meowing like hell.

A bored cat might meow often and loudly, and for a reasonable while. It’s their way of attracting attention and amusing themselves, quite like when sons and daughters randomly sing and dance for lack of anything interesting to try to do.

How to help your bored cat

Luckily, there are numerous belongings you can do and ways to entertain your bored cat, that you simply shouldn’t have a drag making your cat one happy and active kitty once more.

Take a glance at my list of fifty ways to entertain your cat and you’ll surely find new fun activities which will help your cat get out of the boredom cycle. These DIY cat toys may additionally help.

If none of this works and your kitty still seems uninterested and bored, you’ll always ask your vet for advice.