The 10 most typical causes of fatal auto accidents

In the car, we are often faced with situations that are beyond our control. just in case of danger, the following tips will facilitate you in making the correct decision. understand ten ways to flee fatal car crashes.
1-What to try to do when a car approaches head-on in your lane: a way to avoid a head-to-head?
A car is driving straight at you. While trying to avoid him, honk and flash your headlights to induce his attention. don’t stare at the oncoming vehicle, because your car will go where your gaze goes. attempt to stay calm and instead fix the purpose where you would like to travel.
2- To outsmart a road pirate
Car thieves in Edinburgh are trying to steal vehicles while owners are away on holiday – Edinburgh Live
This problem is unlikely to occur in Canada, but if you happen to be traveling to the United States… after you get into your car at midnight, get in quickly and shut the doors immediately – don’t take some time for storage leaving the doors open, and trust the automated closing system.
If you’re in your car and a hacker is looking ahead at you, get out asap. If you’re geared, but don’t move forward, get out. If you’re on the move, stop and escape as fast as you’ll able to. If a road hacker is standing in the back seat and puts a hand before your mouth, take one amongst their fingers and twist it violently back. With luck, you’ll break her finger and this may provide you with time to flee.
3- What to try to do when the sun blinds you and you can’t see anything
Try to limit your reaction to the maximum amount possible. don’t pound on the brakes or deviate from your course. this might be dangerous for you likewise as for the vehicles around you. Do your best to remain not off course and to not behave unpredictably.
4- Another vehicle is behind you and its driver seems aggressive
If the car behind you sticks to you and honks you, point and let it pass. Take a deep breath. it should be an emergency, and it’s dangerous to drive a vehicle so near you anyway.
5- the driving force ahead of you seems drunk or intoxicated
If you see the car before you swerve and therefore the driver doesn’t seem to possess all of his faculties, give him all the space and especially, don’t follow him behind. Watch it well, but don’t concentrate on the vehicle. Report it by dialing 911 on your cellular phone or contacting emergency services.
6- You make a crossroads driving at high speed and also the orange light comes on
If the sunshine turns orange as you approach an intersection, use your judgment to work out the most effective strategy to adopt. Never undergo an amber light if you’re feeling you’ll stop before it turns red.
7- You see a tornado approaching
Again, this recommendation is more for drivers traveling within the United States: A tornado is approaching and you’re behind the wheel of your car. Your instincts may tell you to drag over under a bridge and await it to pass, but this tactic exposes you to clutter flying in altogether directions. Check to work out if the traffic is smooth, and if so, move far away from the trail of the tornado within the wrong way of the vortex. If that’s out of the question, park and enter a building that you simply think is solid. If you’re in the countryside, get out of the car and stay as far as possible from trees, cars, and other important structures. Lie face down, covering your head together with your hands.
8- You see a deer appearing on the road
A deer jumps on the road right ahead of your car, which plunges you into an instant of terror. try and stay calm and avoid it by breaking and deviating from your line as little as possible. A thoughtless reaction will only increase the chance of disaster.
9- Your car is on the point of being hit in the back
If you reduce your speed because you come to a traffic signal or stop, but find that the car behind you is coming way too fast, there’s an honest chance that it’ll hit you. Take your foot off the brake in order that if that vehicle hits you, your car will drive forward. this may lessen the severity of the impact.
10- your car is submerged in water

You took your eyes off the road for a flash and suddenly found yourself sinking quickly into a body of water. most people will wait until the within and outdoors pressure is neutral before trying to open a door. Instead, you must actually open the door as quickly as possible and exit the vehicle. If your doors and windows are activated by automatic closing commands, you’ll probably be ready to open them by activating the buttons if you act quickly. Otherwise, try smashing a window with a shoe or a wrench protruding from your fist. Or keep an emergency tool in your glove box. Aim for the corner of the window.