The Best Ways To Feed Rabbits (Besides Pellets)!

I simply need to be clear that some pellets ARE one of the best methods to feed rabbits.  if you are interested in something rapid, easy, and nutritionally balanced, you gained’t cross incorrect with terrific, natural, or non-GMO pellets.  every so often putting together your very own animal feeds can be a trouble due to the fact there are so many variables to tweak and make certain you get proper.  in case you just need it proper from the first time, pellets certainly are useful!

Plus, in case you introduce clean foods slowly, you may store a little money by using feeding component pellets and component weeds/greater garden produce.  in case you need to feed masses of sparkling greens, it might be a terrific idea to choose and breed your very own line that is immune to diarrhea issues, or purchase breeding stock from someone who feeds a whole lot of greens.

You do want to be aware that it could be definitely clean to overfeed pellets and emerge as with obese rabbits. You are welcome to download our printable % which includes a rabbit feeding chart with daily feed quantities.

What Are Some Of The Best Ways To Feed Rabbits?

First, a phrase of warning: Any time you’re making ANY adjustments in your rabbits’ eating regimen pass SLOWLY.  rapid switches can actually kill your rabbit.  also, water is crucial, so no matter what feed you are the usage of, RABBITS must HAVE WATER and lots of it.  Even a small ruin without water will motivate your rabbit no longer to consume.  Rabbits that don’t eat get GI stasis.  Rabbits with GI stasis can die.  fast!  So always, constantly, always keep the water fresh, easy, and plentiful.  It’s additionally an amazing concept to make sure all of your rabbits have mineral spools to spherical out any dietary gaps.

A young woman feeds her rabbit celery


Wrong with exceptional, natural, or non-GMO pellets.  sometimes putting collectively your very own animal feeds may be a problem due to the fact there are such a lot of variables to tweak and ensure you get right.  if you just need it right from the first time, pellets positive are beneficial!

Plus, in case you introduce clean meals slowly, you could shop some cash with the aid of feeding component pellets and part weeds/more garden produce.  if you want to feed masses of sparkling veggies, it is probably a very good concept to choose and breed your personal line that is immune to diarrhea troubles, or buy breeding stock from a person who feeds a lot of veggies.

You do want to be conscious that it could be simply smooth to overfeed pellets and turn out to be with overweight rabbits. You’re welcome to download our printable % which consists of a rabbit feeding chart with each day’s feed amounts.

Pastured Rabbits

Grass-fed meat is all the rage proper now, and for good motive. Feeding animals on grass is better for the soil, the animals, and our health.  I’ve now not individually raised rabbits in a pastured system, however, there are lots of people that do!  (which includes Daniel Salatin from Polyface Farms). background breeds of rabbits can do particularly well raised on grass.  if you have the space and can make a few housing it can be an amazing alternative for you.  

Rabbits eat

Raising rabbits on pasturage can be as easy or as complicated as you would like to make it. At its easiest, the rabbits can be placed in coops directly onto the lawn. They will eat the lawn through the bottom. Each day, move them to a fresh spot. Let the order break down in place to replenish the pasturage.

Still, make the bottoms of the coops out of slatted wood, and make sure to add fiberglass or aluminum sheeting on the top so they’ve protected from rain and sun If you go with this system. During downtime when there isn’t enough lawn, you can house your rabbits over your theater to let them make up the soil for you.

Still, you can dig funk line down around the border of your pasturage to keep your rabbits from tunneling out, If you prefer a rabbit colony. Make sure you add fencing above ground to keep our bloodsuckers too.

The biggest concern for a colony is that your population does not outshine your pasturage’s capability to regenerate. This means you’ll need to be eating rabbits relatively constantly.

Alfalfa Pellets and Forage

In addition to pastured rabbits, Daniel Salatin has also talked about feeding alfalfa bullets and flora to his rabbits in the Raken House. The Raken House is a stupendous rabbit funk house, and if you want to see it, I suggest checking out the videotape at the bottom of this post of Justin Rhodes’s stint at the Raken House. This diet is grounded on alfalfa bullets and probes. The instigative thing about this, is that he feeds a good quantum of comfrey, and comfrey is super easy to grow and is veritably fat, so you do not need a ton of space or time to grow a good portion of your own rabbit feed.

I am sure there are other styles of feeding I have yet to come across! Before World War II all rabbits were raised on” indispensable diets,” so expanding our capability to raise rabbits without commercial feeds is not a commodity new, just information that we can reclaim for yourselves. So go get started!